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BESPOKE FLAT ROOF WINDOWS FROM "VARIO BY VELUX" Discover endless possibilities of light 

Learn about all the different ways that you can design with daylight using Vario by VELUX rooflights. Explore how you can bring your daylight dreams to life with a huge variety of shapes, finishes, colours and features to create the ultimate blend of natural light for your home 

LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE  We can now offer a complete range of bespoke flat roof windows, in all shapes and sizes up to 4m2 clear internal area. Fixed and opening using sensor based automation. Double and triple glazed with fully insulated upstands. Walk on windows, ideal for flat roof terraces. 10 year guarantee as with all Velux windows. As VELUX Certified Installers we can offer the complete window package along with a replacement flat roof. Offering a 10 year guarantee on the complete package along with building regulations certification.  

The Rectangular One 

Our rectangular window allows you to sculpt your space with natural light, highlighting your favourite spaces with generous bands of natural light.  
The rectangular window is ideal for kitchens as it aligns perfectly with the shape of most creative culinary spaces, allowing you to flood your worktops with natural light or breathe new life into communal areas like breakfast bars and dining spaces. 
The rectangular one allows you to create a real wow factor in pretty much any room. 
With the possibility to enlarge this shape to an awe inspiring 4m2 glass, if you can imagine it, we can build it.  
We can also customise rectangular windows, so they offer the perfect combination of features for your lifestyle, 
including motorised ventilation, the best insulating glass, a walk-on function for roof terraces and other helpful features. 

The Square One 

Enjoy symmetrical style with a statement square window that casts a beautiful, ever shifting light into your home. Dare to dream big, go for a large size and elevate your square window to appear almost as a glass ceiling, providing a powerful connection with the outside world. Alternatively, plan a smart pattern of smaller squares that will lend a charming dappled daylight effect to any room. 
The square one can easily be installed almost anywhere in your house, allowing for a very flexible, functional window to the wider world. It can also come with a huge array of helpful features, such as highly insulating glass, motorised ventilation, walk-on capability for roof terraces and other great custom features. 

The Long Slim One 

This roof window design is sleek, elegant and with a unique ability to diffuse daylight, creating a soft yet distinctive look. 
Multiple long window units can be combined along the length of a room for a truly dramatic, striking effect that creates a stunning ambient light effect and transforms the entire character of your space. 
Your long window can be customised to include the optimal blend of features for your home, such as motorised ventilation, superior insulating glass, a walk-on feature and much more. 

The Walk On One 

If you’re looking to enrich the room below your roof terrace with some delightful daylight designs, then our walk-on window is for you.  
The walk-on window adds value above and below, providing a pretty feature in your roof terrace and flooding the room below with lots of beautiful natural light. 
Choose the perfect shape and size for your light-filled vision, then add to your custom design with functional features such as an anti-slip pane, which ensures that it will not be dangerous to walk on the product when your roof terrace is wet. 

The Unlimited One 

If you truly dream in daylight, the Unlimited One is the product for you. We take whatever span of daylight you wish to create and assemble a bespoke window combination or self-supporting rectangular or square units, cleverly aligned to create the greatest possible uninterrupted spans of glass over virtually unlimited distances. 
Try an Unlimited, bespoke rooflight for truly astonishing extensions and “hold the front page” hallway makeovers. Each individual module that makes up the full bespoke window span can be fitted with your choice of bespoke features for natural ventilation, insulation and more. 

The Round One 

Create beautiful pools of natural daylight throughout your home with the help of round windows.  
Allow your imagination to fill each room with shafts of subtly shifting daylight, which gently alter the character of the space according to the natural rhythm of the 
day’s passing. 
Our circular window is a great way to add distinctive character to all kinds of spaces and what’s more, you can add your choice of special features such as best in class insulation and much more to choose from, such as your choice of colours. 
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