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Solar Panels. 

We supply and fit a wide range of solar panels. If you want to benefit from solar energy but are not re-roofing, then using a conventional solar panel offers the cheapest solution. 
We can also offer a fully integrated system, which is aesthetically pleasing and helps to keep the character of your property. We can create a design to fit your roof style, giving you the maximum performance. We can install solar panels onto all types of roof, flat roofs, pitched roofs, commercial roofs, out buildings and ground mounted. Our suppliers offer linear performance guarantees of 25-30years, and they require no on-roof maintenance or servicing. 


Why Solar Car Ports & Solar Shadow? 
Make the most of your exterior living space all year round whilst producing green energy. 
Wall mounted or free standing the Solar Shadow by IRFTS creates new opportunities for your garden, pool house, carport, gazebo, garden canopy, terrace or sheltered area. 
If you are living in a conservation area or have a listed building this is your opportunity to add solar to your property. 
There are so many uses for this fantastic product from commercial entrance lobby, car parks, smoking areas, bike sheds, agricultural and industrial buildings. 
The IRFTS Shadow Solar comes in a selection of sizes and mounting options with a watertight roof area. Rainwater Harvesting down the support legs. 
The sleek features combined with costs, energy savings is today, the most complete solution available on the market! 
Also part of the IRFTS range is the sun canopy for installing over windows and patio doors to reduce glare into the room and produce electricity.